FAMCO Service & Machine is committed to ensuring that our employees go home to their families each night in the same shape they were in when they came to work.  We take our commitment to the environment, health and safety of our employees and our communities  very seriously, whether we are working in one of our facilities or at our customer’s site.  Safety isn't just our culture, it is our mission.

This is achieved by maintaining safe and healthy working conditions. We also promote a culture focused on enablement, awareness, open communication, safety training, and safe working procedures. Our goal is to have zero work-related injuries, illnesses and incidents.

We believe the environment, health and safety (EHS) is the responsibility of all employees and we expect everyone to participate in activities to uphold a safe work environment. Our supervisors are required to maintain safe working conditions within their area and ensure all operations are carried out with the utmost regard for safety. All employees are responsible for consistently following all established safety procedures, promptly reporting potential hazards and fostering a proactive culture focused on safety and environmental responsibility.

As an extension of our commitment to safe working environments, FAMCO places a high priority on protecting the environment. We recognize the rights of all citizens to live in an environment as free of industrial pollution as possible and we are committed to be environmental stewards for our communities. We are committed to provide appropriate training to our employees on applicable regulatory requirements. Programs have been established to eliminate spills and environmental incidents. It is FAMCO's intent that its operations are in compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations, with an emphasis on reducing or preventing pollution at the source.

FAMCO Service & Machine Mission Statement

We Can... We Will...

Empower our valued employees to safely deliver the highest level
of customer service, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Anytime... Anywhere.

UPDATING SOON: FAMCO Service & Machine is updating to reflect the new safety protocols.

FAMCO Service & Machine Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Protocols

FAMCO Service & Machine wishes to thank you for your patience during this very challenging situation and provide you with ongoing updates for our response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency. We is closely monitoring the status of the outbreak and its potential adverse impact on supply chain continuity in our industry.

Our leadership is taking additional preventive measures such as site entry restrictions, mandatory hand washing, travel questionnaire, etc. to stop the potential spread of the disease within our locations.

FAMCO Service & Machine communicates regularly with our suppliers to capture updated status information to keep our customers informed of any changes in potential severity of impact to delivery of materials in regions of the world affected by the virus.

Our field service will continue to support our customers, in doing so we are putting additional steps in place that will involve our customers in partnering with us to ensure we are doing everything possible to protect our employees and your employees. We ask for your support and cooperation as we continue to develop these processes.

We are making all efforts to prevent the spread of the virus internally as well with our vendors. Interested parties both internally and externally are encouraged to follow steps provided by their local and state health departments as well as CDC risk mitigation framework strategies. FAMCO Service & Machine will take all steps necessary to protect both our employees as well as our customers.

FAMCO Service & Machine